Take the edge off, without losing your edge.
50ml Feragaia standard measure

Thirst Quencher

50ml Feragaia refreshed with tonic or soda, bay leaf to garnish

On The Rocks

50ml Feragaia over a slab of ice, orange twist to garnish

Winter Wanderer

50ml Feragaia muddled with ginger ale, mint spring to garnish


Savour the complexity of Scotland’s first distilled alcohol-free spirit in one of our favourite cocktails.
50ml Feragaia standard measure

Wild Mojito

50ml Feragaia
15ml lime juice
5 mint leaves
10 gorse flowers (seasonal option)
tbsp of honey
Top with tonic
Lime wedge garnish

Scottish House Spritz

Equal parts: Feragaia/Chamomile Tea
Tinned peach syrup
Top with soda
Orange slice garnish

Citrus Old Fashioned

60ml Feragaia
12ml fresh lime
10ml demerara syrup
Lemon twist garnish
(to make it a Citrus Collins top with soda)

Dry Kombucha

50ml Feragaia
Topped with REAL Dry Kombucha

Smokey Old Fashioned

50ml Feragaia
15ml lapsang tea
10ml ginger syrup
5ml fresh lime
Orange twist garnish


50ml Feragaia
12ml pink grapefruit
Topped with dry tonic
pinch of salt
Pink grapefruit wedge garnish


50ml Feragaia
4/6 muddled blackberries
15ml lemon
Topped with ginger ale
Crushed ice
2 blackberries garnish


50ml Feragaia
20ml fresh cranberry
10ml hibiscus syrup
5ml AF bitter vermouth or drop of AF bitters
Orange twist garnish

Pear Sour

50ml Feragaia
20ml pear puree
20ml egg white
10ml ginger syrup
5ml fresh lime
Grated nutmeg garnish