Spirit of Wild Earth

Scotland’s distilled alcohol free spirit

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‘Where nature’s wild forces collide with rugged landscapes, we are inspired to create an uncompromising distilled alcohol-free spirit. Breaking free of expectations and staying true to our intentions, Feragaia is made for the adventurous, for new journeys and experiences worth remembering.’

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From deep within a remote landscape shaped by tradition, we blend centuries of Scottish distilling know-how with contemporary spirit innovation. Connecting drinkers with our natural surroundings to slow down and savour the moment. Scotland’s first alcohol-free spirit is distilled for a new era of drinking.


The coming together of 14 botanicals from land and sea using time-honoured distilling techniques. With a bold depth of flavour, balancing citrus and herbaceous aromatics, which builds to a warm finish and amber colour. A wild expression that gives Feragaia its complex taste. Cut out the noise and take in the moments worth remembering.


A handcrafted, small batch alcohol-free spirit distilled using age-old techniques. We strive to source raw local botanicals; serrated wrack, chamomile, bay leaf and blackcurrant leaf, distilling and blending to form a spirit with a warm welcome from wild earth.


A product of windswept coastlines, open country, and creative minds, Discover Feragaia and live your own wild. We owe a lot to the wild forces of nature for creating our botanicals and driving our values. Our deep-rooted respect for nature’s uncompromising spirit inspires our practice and defines our mission: ‘To bring Wild Earth into people’s lives, while being proactive guardians of it’.

Feragaia pioneer pack

Savour the complexity of Scotland's first distilled alcohol-free spirit with our Feragaia Pioneer Pack.

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