Scotland's first distilled alcohol-free spirit

Feragaia brings together 14 responsibly sourced botanicals to create a complex and uncompromising alcohol-free spirit.

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Take the edge off without losing your edge

Feragaia is a distilled alcohol-free spirit made from land and sea botanicals in the Scottish Lowlands

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Amber in colour, with a taste of clean complexity and warming finish

Feragaia never touches alcohol and is sugar-free – a true alternative, as clean in method as in taste

Feragaia is unlike any drink. The delicate flavours of flowers and leaves combine with the earthier notes of root botanicals and spices to create a complex and layered drink

Our drink is progressively distilled, blended and bottled in the far reaches of the Scottish Lowlands, an area governed by centuries of spirit innovation

Making Feragaia

Feragaia’s process combines time-honoured distillation techniques with pioneering innovation. It brings together 14 responsibly sourced botanicals from both land and sea.

The result: an uncompromising alcohol-free spirit.

Finding Flavour

Where possible we locally source and forage our botanicals, like our serrated wrack (seaweed), bay leaf and chamomile. Our process extracts essential oils and natural flavours that gives us unrivalled intensity of flavour, depth and body.

Multiple distillation runs

These natural flavours are captured through multiple distillation runs. The delicate notes of flowers and leaves combine with the earthier elements of root botanicals and spices to create a taste of clean complexity.

Blending & Finish

Bringing together and balancing our 14 ingredients is no easy task. This is why we blend the flavours by hand and finish it with Scottish water to give the drink a clean freshness.

Keeping Earth Wild

Feragaia owes a lot to the wild forces of nature for creating our botanicals and driving our values. Our deep-rooted respect for nature’s independent and uncompromising spirit inspires our practice and informs our long term mission: ‘Keep Earth Wild’.

This empowers our customers and partners to become active in reconnecting with and restoring the wild. As part of this mission:

Our bottle and cap are both 100% recyclable

All of our botanicals are composted post-distillation

Where possible we source and forage our botanicals locally, like our seaweed

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